Log book calendar

With most vehicle monitoring platforms, comparing vehicle records is difficult, if not completely impossible. But not with GPS Dozor. With our clever log book calendar, it is a matter of seconds.

Log book calendar features

  • View all vehicles and all their trips instantly
  • Daily, weekly and monthly view
  • View mileage and number of trips
  • Control activity and work hours of vehicles or machinery

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

The calendar view gives you instant knowledge about all your vehicles’ actions in given time frame. You can analyze mileage or work time and you see who’s been working effectively and who not really.

By switching between more or less detailed view options, you choose what information you want to see. A daily view shows detailed overview of every trip your vehicles have taken in that period. The weekly view comprises of a neat mileage table for vehicles active in the selected week. In the monthly view, you can see active days of any of your vehicles.

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FenStar s.r.o.

Truck fleet under control

“GPS Dozor is on-line in the Czech Republic and it works flawlessly in other European countries. FenStar company uses the GPS Dozor platform to have control over all its vehicles’ trips and to ensure accurate payments of travel allowances.”

Ing.Ladislav Žůrek,


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