Setting areas and points of interest in the GPS vehicle tracking platform

The vehicle monitoring platform can help you with route planning and tracking. When working with its map module, you can set up our own areas or points of interest, that can be named according to your needs (“main warehouse“, “HQ“, “supplier XY”, “restricted area” etc.)

Special features of GPS Dozor vehicle tracking system:

  • User set areas, geofences and points of interest in the map
  • Easily search and manage areas
  • Local address translation into area names
  • Area list and map interaction
  • Various zone alert options
  • Various selection shapes (circle, rectangular etc.)

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

With user defined areas, you will quickly identify the purpose of every trip or reason for stopping. Area and POI names are then used in all log book entries and reports.

Area setting is easy: just select it on a map in the platform’s dedicated map screen. With the area setting come various features of the tracking platform. For example, you can set a restricted area (geofence) along with an automatic zone alert that will set off when any of your vehicles cross its border.

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Rail Cargo Operator - CSKD s.r.o.

“We started using the GPS Dozor vehicle tracking system mainly to improve our services towards customers as well as cooperation between suppliers. With huge volumes of shipments that we coordinate, it became necessary to know accurately where all our trucks and containers are. GPS Dozor has improved some of our workflows and simplified our overall communication. It precisely and reliably determines the position of our trucks and provides all the data we need. We strongly recommend the GPS Dozor platform.”

Tomáš Lorenz

Road transport coordinator

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