GPS Dozor

High tech, easy to use.

GPS Dozor makes fleet management an easy job

It is not another log book that counts mileage. GPS Dozor tracking platform is a perfect tool that brings efficiency and certainty to your fleet management. Nothing less.

Electronic log book

No more handwritten logs. Our electronic log book collects all data automatically. Need printed reports? Deeper data analysis? Precise online maps? You got it.

  • Reliable and automatic log book
  • Secure and comprehensive data
  • Officially acknowledged report for tax authorities
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Interactive map directly on main screen

Where are all my vehicles at this very moment? That's what you know in an instant, right on the main page of our system. The map says it all at a glance.

  • Quick overview of present situation
  • All vehicles on one screen
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Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Log book calendar view New

The calendar tells you everything you need about all your vehicles at a specific time selection. You can easily see who was late at work yesterday or who used company car for a weekend camping trip.

  • Log book calendar for a specific vehicle or the whole fleet
  • Useful tool for checking work done

Mobile app

Our GPS tracking system is available as an designated app for all mainstream smartphone platforms as well as an web app suitable for any web browser.

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Fuel consumption tracking

Our tracking platform is automatically checking fuel consumption of all vehicles. Along with the gas bills you have control over your fleet's fuel costs. And a powerful tool for identifying fuel theft.

  • Conclusive evidence of fueling and fuel consumption
  • Fuel Card Data Import
  • Automated alerts to unusual values
  • CAN bus connectivity
Tachograph management |

Tachograph management

Every piece of data from the tachograph are transparently displayed in the platform. You will get an overview of the driving, pauses and other data coming from the tachograph. We also think about the drivers and dispatchers:

  • Real time tachograph data displaying
  • Remote driver´s card download
  • Historical data analysis
Drivers identification

Drivers identification

Can you tell, who is behind the wheel of each of your company vehicles? We can. It only takes a RFID or Dallas chip. The rest is done automatically by our tracking platform.

  • ID chips for drivers' identification
  • Easy business/private trip separation
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API and reporting

Logbook and travel orders. Preset and user defined report templates for work in spreadsheets and for printing out. Linking to ERP, HU-GO tolling system, attendance and fleet management systems. All of this is easy with our tracking platform.

  • Advanced user generated reports
  • Preset reports for authorities
  • API for external third-party applications

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Driving style monitoring

Driving style monitoring

GPS Dozor saves your cost not only by preventing unlawful use of your vehicles. You can also evaluate the driving style of individual drivers, identify their mistakes and thus find another ways to reduce costs.

  • Braking, acceleration and directional changes tracking
  • Clear reports on problematic driving style

User defined areas and points of interest

Select an area on a map. If any of your vehicles cross its boundaries, you will know. Set points of interest on a map, name them (warehouse, HQ, etc.) and make trip management easier.

  • Automatic alerts on crossing defined areas
  • User defined POIs

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Intelligent alerts

Never miss anything important. Schedule service checks or oil change according to mileage. Set up specific date, if you need to. Receive an alert when your vehicle crosses borders.

  • Alerts set on vehicle mileage, calendar or map position
  • Direct notifications on e-mail or phone
Analysis and efficiency improvements |

Analysis and efficiency improvements

Use the GPS Dozor platform as a universal tool for creating statistics and detailed insights into fleet operations. Uncover a vast potential for savings and efficiency gains.

  • Fuel consumption management, trip optimalization
  • Detailed reports for drivers and their driving styles
  • Cost analysis based on hard data
Public GPS tracking maps |

Public GPS tracking maps

Share a live tracking map of your vehicles’ position. Customers waiting for your delivery or followers of your outdoor adventure will appreciate it. Just create a public map in our system and share it via link. You can even embed it directly on your website.

  • Share your position on a public map in real time
  • Very effective way to communicate with your customers
  • Embed the map on your website (iframe) or broadcast on TV

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