GPS lokátor Exclusive

GPS Dozor Exclusive

This option is designed for the most demanding customers who depend on the most accurate GPS tracking. We provide the most advanced tracking unit capable of connecting the fuel flow meter or other modules for monitoring attachments such as blades of construction machines, temperature sensors, car alarms and other peripherals. This tracker is also suitable for tracking municipal service vehicles and machinery.

GPS Dozor Exclusive

4 390 Kč

GPS Dozor system

Flat fee for the Czech Republic

200 Kč / month

Flat fee WORLD

355 Kč / month

The prices shown are for 1 vehicle and do not include VAT


GPS tracker properties


3 000 positions


very frequent

Data send

30 s


2 meters



Optional add-ons

  • Trip purpose differentiation (FREE)
  • Driver ID (Dallas, RFID)
  • Driving style tracking (accurate)
  • Backup battery
  • Remote engine stop

Installing in the vehicle

Our GPS technology will be professionally installed in your vehicles by our partner services. We can also arrange installation directly at your premises.


Where is the nearest partner service?Fill in your location and click Search.


GPS Dozor system

  • Refueling monitoring
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Mileage tracking
  • Service costs overview

Online vehicle tracking, log book, fuel consumption tracking, nonstandard event alerts. And much more.

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