Driving style monitoring

Business cars often get a beating. Some drivers think they drive a rally car or they overload the car and waste fuel. Preventing such handling of corporate vehicles can save you a lot of costs.
In our log book, you can preview and analyze driving style of individual drivers. You can view braking, acceleration and directional changes directly on the trip record. Along with speed and fuel consumption tracking, our platform can help you discover the sinners. And savings on operating costs will soon take effect.

We monitor the intensity of these parameters:

  • Rapid acceleration
  • Excessive braking
  • A sudden change of direction (turn)
  • Road surface bumps
Electronic log book

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Drive parameters are represented by icons in the log book. The intensity is expressed by colors (green, yellow, red). The icons are also displayed on the map, indicating a place where, for example, a sharp braking has occurred. The data can be arranged into neat reports for further work and analysis.

Driving style monitoring using the above mentioned variables is free for all our clients. If you have more demanding requirements, you can combine this service with the GPS Dozor CAN product. It offers direct connection to the vehicle's CAN bus and provides accurate data on car operation (accelerator pedal, engine speed, tank status, etc.).

Damejidlo.cz s.r.o

Deliveries fully under control

”Thanks to the Satelon platform which is connected directly to our dispatching delivery system, our operators have an overview of the current position of all our vans. In addition, the system allows us to monitor the driving style of individual drivers."

Milan Poláček

Fleet Manager

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