Save up to 40% of your fleet running costs

Our platform will detect unauthorized car use and help you optimize your routes

Keep track of everything that moves

GPS Dozor vehicle monitoring system monitors the current position of the cars, fuel consumption, keeps an electronic log book and prevents attempts to unauthorized car use. And not just personal cars. With us, you can track everything in motion: trucks, vans, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, shipments and even people or animals.

Mounting anywhere in the Czech Republic

The tracking technology needed for GPS Dozor will be installed by trained professionals in one of our partner services.

We can also install the technology at your company premises.

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They rely on us

Since 2006, our vehicle tracking system has been tested by small businesses and large companies in many industries, with the vast majority of them becoming our regular clients. Read what they say about us:

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Electronic log book

Our latest web and mobile app is a great tool for fleet management. The vehicle tracking platform runs on a reliable, powerful infrastructure that will ensure accuracy and security for your data.
GPS Dozor features a re-invented electronic log book, interactive map of all trips and many other innovations to help you streamline vehicle operations. Its reporting capabilities ensure the satisfaction of your accounting department as well as the controlling authorities.

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14. 07. 2020

Video návod: Tankování

Evidujte, sledujte a hlídejte tankování u každého vozidla. Získáte spolehlivá data o fungování vozového parku (a také svých zaměstnanců). Jak na to? Podívejte se na video.

14.07. 30.06. Read
30. 06. 2020

Není lokátor jako lokátor. Při nákupu se vyvarujte podezřele výhodným cenám

Pokud si chcete pořídit GPS lokátor, musíte se rozhodovat hned dvakrát: nejprve si ujasněte, k čemu lokátor potřebujete a teprve poté vyberete konkrétní model. Obě fáze mají svá úskalí, kterými se vás pokusíme provést.