GPS lokátor CAN

Accurate fuel consumption tracking online

If you want to be sure about fuel costs, use our tracking technology to keep track of fuel consumption. A sensitive measuring device connected directly to the vehicle's CAN bus will communicate with our online GPS vehicle tracking system. This gives you an overview of each drop of fuel.

Fuel consumption tracking

6 090 Kč

GPS Dozor system

Flat fee for the Czech Republic

200 Kč / month

Flat fee WORLD

355 Kč/ month

The prices shown are for 1 vehicle and do not include VAT


GPS tracker properties


2 000 positions


very frequent

Data send

3 - 5 min.


2 meters



Optional add-ons

  • Trip purpose differentiation
  • Driver ID (Dallas, RFID)
  • Driving style tracking (indicative)

The most accurate measurement possible

  • Connected directly to CAN bus of vehicles
  • More accurate than fuel flow meter
  • Connected to online vehicle tracking platform

Thanks to the data obtained directly from the CAN bus (on-board computer) you have a precise and up-to-date overview of the fuel actually consumed. You will easily find the inconsistencies and reveal the culprits. Fuel consumption data from CANbus are much more reliable than previously used fuel flow meters.

Fuel theft? You know when it happens

  • Automatic notification on consumption and refueling mismatch
  • Data stored on our online portal
  • Real-time fuel consumption tracking

With the help of our GPS trackers, the fuel consumption data are sent online to our vehicle tracking platform where it is stored along with other vehicle operation data. The system automatically compares fuel consumption with refueling data and warns you of possible fuel theft.

MEGA PLUS s.r.o.

The results arrived immediately

GPS Dozor provides us with up-to-date information on the movement of our snowcats and other business vehicles and consistently protects us against fuel theft. It also significantly reduces administration that goes with filling in log books.

Milan Vodička

operations manager

Installing in the vehicle

Our GPS technology will be professionally installed in your vehicles by our partner services. We can also arrange installation directly at your premises.


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GPS Dozor system

  • Refueling records
  • Fuel consumption tracking
  • Fuel tank and engine RPM status
  • Service costs overview

Online vehicle tracking, log book, fuel consumption tracking, nonstandard event alerts. And much more.

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The tracker is suitable for different types of vehicles

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