Fuel consumption and refueling tracking in vehicle monitoring platform

GPS Dozor fleet tracking platform allows logging of fueling and fuel consumption monitoring. You can also import data from fuel cards or enter the fueling records manually from gas stations bills and receipts.

Fuel Card Data Import


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The platform automatically evaluates fuel loss in the fuel tank. The fuel consumption of the vehicle and the quantity of fuel in the tank are visualized in the car’s daily report.

Refueling and fuel consumption under control:

  • Average fuel consumption
  • Fuel quantity in the tank
  • Alerts on suspected fluctuations in consumption
  • Refueling location and time
  • Data import from fuel cards
  • Fuel consumption charts
  • Manual insertion of refueling option

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

In the event of unusual fluctuations in fuel consumption, the system will alert you to the situation immediately. This will help you prevent fuel theft (refueling into a canister or private car as well as removing fuel from the tank happen more often than you would think). The alert is sent directly to you by e-mail or SMS. By displaying the event position on the map, it is possible to find out whether the vehicle was at a gas station at the time of the refueling.

For even more accurate fuel consumption tracking (and absolute certainty at proving fueltheft) we can connect a tracker directly to the CAN bus of the vehicle.

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GPS Dozor provides us with up-to-date information on the movement of snowcats and other business vehicles and consistently protects us against fuel theft. It also significantly reduces administration that goes with filling in log books.

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