Keep track of every turn

With GPS tracking technology, you know everything about your agricultural machinery. Keep track of work done, avoid idle time and monitor fuel consumption.

Satellite tracking of agricultural machinery

Where are your machines working? How much work is done? How long do they work? And are they working on the right field at all? All these questions are answered quickly with our GPS tracking system. GPS Dozor. And not just that. GPS Dozor also tracks fuel consumption and keeps watch over your property 24/7.

Keep track of all machines

  • Position of all machines on a map
  • Work time and downtime tracking
  • Precise data on current location and travel history

The GPS Dozor vehicle tracking platform has always the most precise information about the current location of your machines. The system is accessible through a web browser, which makes it available and quick. GPS Dozor also records the travel history of the vehicles or the work hours of the attachments, so you see how much work is done. At the time of harvest, this is truly priceless. In addition, you can identify inefficient workers or work on somebody else’s land.

Fuel consumption tracking

  • Automatic fuel consumption checking
  • Fueling records
  • Optional high accuracy fuel flow meter measuring

Do you want to know how much fuel your agricultural machinery actually consumes? GPS Dozor automatically calculates fuel consumption. And with the help of refueling records, it can determine whether there are any losses, either because of inefficient operation or fuel theft. And when anything seems not right with the fuel consumption, you receive an automatic e-mail or SMS to your mobile phone.

Agricultural machinery security

  • GPS tracking of stolen machinery
  • Watching defined areas of movement
  • Optional GPS Alarm for increased security

Thanks to the reliable GPS trackers, you know exact position of every piece of agricultural machinery. If theft occurs, you have a much greater chance of finding the lost property. Even if thieves dismantle the tracking device, you have information about its last known occurrence.
Do you want extra protection? Then get the GPS Dozor Alarm which combines a silent alarm with GPS location device. With the highest model, you can even stop the stolen machinery remotely.


  • Easy import of land blocks from LPIS
  • Working with land blocks directly in the system

For many farmers, it is important to work with the Land Parcel Identification System. We know about this, so we added LPIS integration into GPS Dozor. You can easily link work done, the number of field passes and other data directly to land blocks.

We are very pleased

"We have significantly improved our efficiency, both in terms of better job performance and lower administration."

Ing. Miloš Spurný,

Deputy chairman

Featured products

  • 2 390 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Log book
  • Travel history
  • 5-minute feedback
  • 3 590 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Trip purpose differentiation
  • 3-minute feedback
  • 4 890 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • CAN bus data
  • Fuel consumption, acceleration, ...
  • 3-minute feedback
  • 5 590 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Vehicle security
  • SMS alerts
  • Travel history

Mounting anywhere in the Czech Republic

The tracking technology needed for GPS Dozor will be installed by trained professionals in one of our partner services.

We can also install the technology at your company premises.

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