A GPS guard that never sleeps

Get immediate alerts on our mobile when your car starts to move. Real-time tracking. Track and find a lost car.

Satellite Vehicle Security

Satellite tracking technology is suitable also for car and motorcycle security. We offer a GPS tracker designed especially for vehicle security at a discounted price. Use GPS technology for asset protection.

GPS theft prevention

  • SMS and call alerts on moving vehicle
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Optional GPS immobiliser
  • GPS Dozor Alarm – optional extra protection

Thanks to our GPS tracker, you will receive an alert for unauthorized starting / movement outside the allowed area or time range. A stolen vehicle can be traced back as the tracking system records its current (or the last known) position.
Optionally, we can connect an immobiliser to the GPS unit so that the car can be started only by an authorized driver. And for the most demanding clients there is our GPS Dozor Alarm.

For cars and motorbikes

  • Vehicle security right from the basic version
  • Tilt sensor for motorcycles
  • Various optional add-on devices

GPS security is already included in the basic version of our vehicle tracking system. We offer standard motion notifications for all vehicles, but also optional features such as the technology enabling you to stop the car remotely. Bikers have one more advantage with us - thanks to the tilt sensor built in the GPS tracker, not even a slight nudge will go unnoticed.

Radek Kuchař

We rely on it

"We have three cars and a four wheeler at home, so we had to come up with a way to keep an eye on them. We went for the GPS Dozor solution and it is just great. I really appreciate the mobile application and the SMS notifications that tell me that the car is moving and where it is. It is reliable."

Radek Kuchař

Actor and presenter

Featured products

  • 4 390 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Real-time positon
  • Add-on hardware ready
  • 30-second feedback
  • 5 590 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Vehicle security
  • SMS alerts
  • Travel history

Mounting anywhere in the Czech Republic

The tracking technology needed for GPS Dozor will be installed by trained professionals in one of our partner services.

We can also install the technology at your company premises.

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