A log book without paperwork and all the fuss

Do you still use a paper log book in your business vehicles? Copying the tachometer numbers, making up trip purposes and all the boring stuff? Just forget about it and let the car do this job for itself. Our vehicle monitoring platform with an automatic log book feature will take care of everything. And this is just the beginning.

Electronic log book – main features:

  • Trip purpose differentiation (private x business)
  • Trip start and stop times
  • Trip start and stop positions
  • Mileage control
  • Trip purpose or notes
  • Mileage status
  • Fueling tracking (manual, from fuel cards)
  • Attaching drivers to vehicles
  • Recording mileage and / or machine hours

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

Our GPS tracking platform allows you to monitor the movement of all your vehicles on a map in real-time view. It gives you control over refueling and fuel consumption or enables you to view detailed statistics on vehicle operation. You can also identify the drivers and switch between private and business trips or set up a destined area of movement for your employees. This makes our tracking platform an excellent tool for both corporate and municipal fleet.

Logbook reports can be exported into many file formats that make them accessible to various apps. You can also share them with other users. Analyzing operational history for the entire fleet is matter of a few clicks. Our electronic log book is accepted by tax authorities.

What’s new in the log book

  • Calendar view
  • Interactive vehicle list and map
  • Indicating the direction of the route
  • Highlighting of the selected trip on a map
  • Detailed trip overview and speed chart
  • Instant report generation of selected period
Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s.

Beer tanks – under control

”The GPS tracker that keeps watch over our beer tanks is responsive and its battery lasts long. We can recommend GPS Dozor even to companies with very specific requirements on what they need to monitor with GPS devices."

Tomáš Sedláček,

Quality and Development Manager CZ/SK

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