GPS tracker Cargo

GPS Dozor Cargo

Keep track of any shipping container, goods wagon or cargo truck. With its superb battery, this GPS tracker can last up to 6 years in power saving mode and up to 2 years in standard usage. Ready to connect various sensors to monitor the cargo environment. The tracker makes use of both GPS and Glonass satellites.

GPS Dozor Cargo

4 790 Kč

GPS Dozor system

Flat fee for the Czech Republic

200 Kč / month

Flat fee WORLD

355 Kč / month

The prices shown are for 1 vehicle and do not include VAT


GPS tracker properties


3 000 positions



Data send



2 meters



Optional add-ons

  • Heavy duty metal mount
  • Special mount removing tool
  • Metal chassis
  • Mains charger
  • USB cable

Rail Cargo Operator - CSKD s.r.o.

"We have introduced the GPS Dozor tracking system to improve our services towards customers and increase cooperation between suppliers. Given hen the huge volume of traffic we coordinate, it became a necessity to know where all our vehicles and containers are. GPS Dozor helped us to improve workflows and simplify the overall communication. The trackers accurately and reliably determine the position of our trucks and the software provides a sufficiently large number of outputs that we need. We highly recommend GPS Dozor.”

Tomáš Lorenz

Road transport coordinator

GPS Dozor system

  • Current position tracking
  • Travel history
  • Mileage tracking
  • Battery indicator

Online vehicle tracking, log book, fuel consumption tracking, nonstandard event alerts. And much more.

Elektronická kniha jízd

The tracker is suitable for different types of vehicles

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