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Keep track of your fleet. We provide precise GPS tracking of cars, machines, people, goods or fuel consumption. And our platform will also guard your property at the same time.

Product overview

Get volume discounts starting from as low as 2 tracking units. Ask for discount and we’ll get back with a quote. No obligations!

  • 2 390 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

Low cost meets high reliability. The best solution for keeping a log book and preventing unauthorized business vehicle use.

  • Log book
  • Travel history
  • 5-minute feedback
  • 3 590 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

Best-selling and the most configurable solution. Log book keeping, precise and real-time GPS tracking. Universal usage.

  • Trip purpose differentiation
  • 3-minute feedback
  • 4 390 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

Hi-tech GPS tracking unit with fast feedback. Ideal for tracking ambulance vehicles, agriculture applications, cargo tracking and many more.

  • Real-time positon
  • Add-on hardware ready
  • 30-second feedback
  • 5 590 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

A perfect match of GPS technology and silent car alarm. Designed for maximum car security. Never miss even the slightest manipulation with the vehicle.

  • Vehicle security
  • SMS alerts
  • Travel history
  • 4 890 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

High-tech GPS tracker with CAN bus connectivity. It enables not only position tracking, but also fuel consumption, tank status, engine speed, acceleration...

  • CAN bus data
  • Fuel consumption, acceleration, ...
  • 3-minute feedback
  • 3 150 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 200 Kč / month

GPS tracker for people, animals and just about any moving objects. Very light with long-lasting battery and precise position tracking.

  • Light and small
  • Battery included
  • Adjustable feedback time
  • 4 790 Kč
  • per load
  • + from 200 Kč / month

The best tracking solution for shipping containers and any other objects that travel far and long without own energy source. Incredible battery life!

  • Easy mounting
  • Battery included
  • 6 years battery life
  • 6 600 Kč
  • per piece
  • + from 350 Kč / month

An advanced locator equipped with tachograph reading functionality that allows us to download live data from tachograph including driver´s card.

  • Tachograph data
  • Driver card data
  • Pauses, driving…

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