When are your machines idle and when do they really work?

Keep track of your construction machinery. Current position, fuel consumption tracking, waiting time tracking and better work planning. Know about every machine hour.

Satellite construction machines tracking

Our system allows tracking of position and machine hours of construction machinery, attachments and other equipment (forklifts, excavators, compressors etc.). This gives you a versatile tool for increasing efficiency in your business.

Machine working time

  • Tracking machine hours
  • Detailed machine-specific overview
  • Calendar to check work done of several machines at once

Some construction machines do not move much, so why bother tracking them with GPS Dozor? Well, there's more to GPS Dozor than tracking movement. You can also track machine hours. And thanks to the GPS tracker, you can be sure that the machines really work where they should.
Everything is visible in the online tracking platform, where interactive map or innovative calendar view provide great insight into your fleet. You won’t miss a thing. And you can easily create a comprehensible report.

Machinery security

  • Tracking position of stolen machinery
  • Watching defined areas of movement
  • Optional GPS Alarm for increased security

Thanks to the reliable GPS trackers, you know the exact position of every piece of machinery. If theft occurs, you have a much greater chance of finding the lost equipment. Even if thieves dismantle the tracking device, you have information about its last known occurrence.
Do you want extra protection? Then get the GPS Dozor Alarm which combines a silent alarm with GPS location device. With the highest model, you can even stop the stolen machinery remotely.

Fuel consumption

  • Systematic fuel consumption monitoring
  • Refueling tracking
  • Automated alerts to fuel consumption discrepancies

Fuel should be used efficiently. GPS Dozor will help you to achieve lower fuel bills. It can monitor fuel consumption and keep refueling records. If something does not seem right, you will get an automated alert. You will quickly identify not only an inefficient machinery operation, but also fuel theft.


  • Independent monitoring of attachments
  • Tracking machine hours and fuel consumption of attachments

Construction and other machinery may consist of several interconnected devices. They can be pumps, milling machines, platforms. The GPS Dozor vehicle tracking system can monitor the operation of these machines independently. This will give you valuable data that can help you improve your business and save you a lot of money.


Construction machinery under supervision

”We have been working with the company since 2012 to track different types of construction machines and vehicles. We currently provide our services to OHL ŽS SK, a. s. and OHL ŽS, a.s., organizační složka.”

Featured products

  • 3 590 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Trip purpose differentiation
  • 3-minute feedback
  • 4 390 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Real-time positon
  • Add-on hardware ready
  • 30-second feedback
  • 4 790 Kč
  • per load
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Easy mounting
  • Battery included
  • 6 years battery life
  • 5 590 Kč
  • per vehicle
  • + from 200 Kč / month


  • Vehicle security
  • SMS alerts
  • Travel history

Mounting anywhere in the Czech Republic

The tracking technology needed for GPS Dozor will be installed by trained professionals in one of our partner services.

We can also install the technology at your company premises.

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