Public GPS tracking maps

Show your coworkers, customers or followers where are you now. With our public live maps, you can publicly track a single delivery van, a whole corporate fleet or a sole adventurer in the middle of the jungle.

Your public map can show the actual position and travel history of a single vehicle or a group of vehicles. You can publish it online just by sharing a link to it. Or you can embed it directly on your own website.

Public map sharing with customers or followers

  • Sharing the position of your vehicles enables easier communication with customers
  • The map can be broadcasted directly to a TV set
  • Create a public map for a single car or for the whole fleet
  • Share the whereabouts of deliveries, parcels, vehicles or travelers and adventure racers
  • Embedding a live map will make your website look fresh

Keep track of vehicles, drivers, routes, refueling ... and just about everything you need to know.

The public GPS tracking map functionality is free to use for all users of GPS Dozor. The map can be created for a selected vehicle or for a number of vehicles at once. To make it public, just share a web link via e-mail, social media or chosen websites. You can also embed the map to your own web by iframe code.

You can select a preferred view of the map (detailed, satellite, Street View). The map can show actual position, travel history or both. You can edit description and notes on each vehicle. The map can feature your company logo to make it an impressive branding and marketing tool.

Alza a.s.

„Systém GPS Dozor, který využíváme u prémiové služby AlzaExpres, nám umožňuje monitorovat flotilu a optimalizovat trasy. Velmi praktická je i možnost zpětného dohledání záznamů a automaticky generované knihy jízd. Oceňujeme nejen přehledné a uživatelsky nenáročné webové stránky, ale i profesionální přístup dodavatele."

Jan Beneš

dispečer AlzaExpres

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